Advertisers have been left complaining after an outage of Facebook and Instagram in early in March of 2019 left them with lost revenue, and there is a lesson that YOU need to learn. That lesson is to not rely on social media as the totality of your marketing plan.

We are obviously a big proponent of using social media, primarily Facebook and Instagram to build a personal brand and increase your business. That being said, what happens if Facebook vanishes completely, or if they decide to ban you (and they can for no reason at all) what would you do? The fact is that if other sites control who has eyeballs on your content, you are at their mercy if they pull the plug on your or go away, you aren’t in charge of your business.

Social media is the top of a funnel that you should be using to move people from a place of not knowing who you are, to seeing you as an expert in your authority in your market and reading your blog posts, to confirmed names on your email list or CRM.

Once you have moved people from the fuzziness of social media where you don’t control the platform, to one that you own. This generally means your mailing list. Posting to 10,000 Instagram followers is great, but a 2,500 person mailing list is far more valuable and can’t arbitrarily be taken away from you.

The question I have for you is if you have a plan in place to move buyers and sellers in a steady stream from discovering you on social media to your website and then from there onto you mailing list? If you don’t you should absolutely move it to the top of the list to do. No platform lasts forever and neither will Facebook. Don’t let your business die along with theirs.

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