Kaizo7 Laws To Social Marketing

At the heart of Kaizo7 is our rules for success with social media marketing. These were inspired by the classic book on war (and business) The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.  Those ideas have won battles and led companies to the heights of success. Below are our laws for winning on the social media battle ground. 

Know Your Goal

Many times people jump into social media because everyone else does. There is no plan other than they should ‘get followers’. Much like going into for Miyamoto Musashi, going into the social media battleground without a plan is at best a waste of time and money. 

You must know what you want to achieve before you set out into the wilds of social media.

Engage and Be Engaging

Engagement is gold in social marketing. It comes in two forms, one of which is often overlooked. In the first sense, you have to be engaging in your content. It has to resonate with your target market and grab their attention.

The often overlooked aspect of engagement is to engage with your followers. When they talk, talk back. Using social media to interact with people is the surest way to build loyal fans that will do business with you time and time again. 

Be Real Or Fail

After years of being inundated with ads, talking heads, and personalities, consumers are tired. They can smell fake a mile away. What consumers want now is to feel like they are connecting with a real person. 

This means at times dropping the polish, the facades and expressing who you are. You don’t have to post every meal you have, but your clients want to connect and know you are a person just like them. That is the key element. You resonate with them and have the skills they need. Why would they choose anyone else?

Think Long Term

In a world of quick fixes and overnight success, one of the biggest challenges is that social media is long term effort. Generally, the effects start small and then build over time. Most people give up well before they see results

Think of social media an engine with a giant flywheel. It takes massive effort to even start moving it. Slowly though it starts to spin and over time it becomes easier and easier to make it go faster. Eventually, it takes just regular input to maintain it. Social media marketing is very much like that. 

Be Prepared To Be Visual

For many years, blog posts were the currency for getting online traffic. Countless hours have been spent crafting, tuning and posting artisanally crafted content to catch the eyes of Google and get lifted to the top search results. 

There is still a place for written content (you are reading this after all) but it is now a foundation on which you must build a visual empire. Consumers are more and more demanding visual information. This means that your content needs to not just be written, but be transformed into images and videos. 

You Must Be Consistent And Focused

Imagine success in social media to be like breaking through a wall. If you occasionally walk by and tap it with a hammer, it will likely stand there forever more or less unphased. To succeed with social media, you must be consistent and put in regular effort to cut through that wall.

The next aspect of this is being incredibly focused. If you attack that wall all over, hitting here and there, you will likely never make any real impact. If however you pick one small spot and hone in on all your effort going there, you will break through. Then once you have an initial hole through, you can work to widen it further. 

Being Seen Isn’t Free

The noise online is steadily building, your content, however amazing is likely to never be heard or seen. This is referred to as your reach and every year it is declining. If for example, you have 1000 fans and make a post, it is only going to be seen by a fraction of them.  

When embarking into the land of social media, be prepared to actively market everything you do to get it in front of your fan’s eyeballs. This generally means paid campaigns to be seen and get people interacting with your content and in turn, you.